Empowering Communities: CSR and ESG Projects with Impact 

  empower people for themselves, rather than just offering free donations. Teaching skills fosters independence and sustains communities

Unlock the potential of Schedule VII with YOTM’s sustainable projects! Partner with us to make a meaningful impact through initiatives that align with Schedule VII guidelines.


“Join hands with us at YouthontheMove, a passion-driven organization dedicated to empowering the future generation. Partner with us in implementing CSR projects that make a tangible impact in communities. With a commitment to transparency, honesty, and impactful reporting, we ensure your CSR initiatives align seamlessly with your corporate goals. Together, let’s create a brighter future by nurturing and empowering youth to become active contributors to nation-building. Your support can make a lasting difference in shaping tomorrow’s leaders.” please reach us on   

Email: youthonthemovengo@gmail.com

Phone: 91 98675 22533