Neela Satyanarayanan IAS

Esteemed Advisor of YouthontheMove, Renowned Indian Author & Trailblazing Civil Servant. First Female State Election Commissioner in Maharashtra.


Dr. Kalpana Gopalan IAS

Dr. Kalpana Gopalan IAS Esteemed Advisor of YouthontheMove, is a composite public policy professional-practitioner, policymaker, scholar, author, volunteer & mother. Ranked 19 in the All-India Civil Service Examination,1987, her 35-year work experience in the Indian Administrative Service spans land administration, urban management, public distribution system, rural development, sports, labour, animal husbandry, fisheries, public grievances, training & education

Rohit Mishra is the visionary founder behind YouthontheMove, a pioneering platform dedicated to empowering today’s youth through innovative initiatives. With a robust background in business administration, Rohit holds an MBA degree, which he leverages to drive impactful change in the spheres of youth development, health projects, and corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiatives.